purpose links

Adolescent Moral Development Lab at Claremont Graduate University (USA)

Center for Learning Science & Creative Talent Development at Seoul National University (South Korea)

Center for Social Concerns at University of Notre Dame (USA)

Dr. Brandy Quinn at Texas Christian University (USA)

Dr. Elina Kuusisto at University of Helsinki (Finland)

Dr. Jane Pizzolato at University of California Los Angeles (USA)

Dr. Lisa Kiang at Wake Forest University (USA)

Dr. Matt Bundick at Duquesne University (USA)

Echoing Green’s Work on Purpose (USA)

Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University (USA)

Laboratory for the Study of Meaning and Quality of Life at Colorado State University (USA)

Positive Psychology Center at University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Purpose, Aging, Traits, and Health Lab at Carleton University (Canada)

Purpose and Identity Processes Lab at Cornell University (USA)

Research Center New Pedagogical Architectures at University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Stanford Center on Adolescence at Stanford University (USA)

The GoodWork Project at Harvard University (USA)

The Purpose Economy (USA)

service-learning links

AmeriCorps (USA)

Campus Compact (USA)

City Year (USA)

Dr. Scott Seider at Boston University (USA)

Educational Change for Social Justice at Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)

Engagement Australia

Europe Engage

International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement at Tulane University (USA)

International Center for Research on Community Engagement at University of Minnesota (USA)

Latin American Center for Service-Learning (Argentina)

National Youth Leadership Council (USA)

Research Group on Intercultural Education at University of Barcelona (Spain)

The Talloires Network at Tufts University (USA)

UNESCO Education for the 21st Century (France)

Youth Service America (USA)